Team Directory

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Notion's powerful template that has been designed to make managing and accessing all of your team members' information easier than ever.

This template allows you to store your team's most important data in one place. You can filter for department, location, and role, meaning you can easily access any information you need in a few clicks. Plus, you can choose who can view and edit the data stored within this directory – empowering human resource teams within small businesses with the ability to manage their company’s workforce quickly and easily.

Not only that, but Team Directory comes with a wide range of features. Here are some of the key benefits

  • Streamline the process of managing and accessing your team’s data
  • Choose who can view and edit stored information - empower HR teams
  • Easily track certain milestones – such as promotions or career histories
  • Share internal or external links for ease of onboarding
  • Motivate staff with an understanding of each individual’s contribution to the team

With this template, it’s easy to track certain milestones such as promotions or career histories - helping you understand each individual member of the team better. You can also share links within or outside of your organisation – ideal for onboarding new members or passing contact details around quickly.

We understand how valuable a motivated staff is for any business – so we believe that our template could prove invaluable for any small business by making sure everyone knows who they are working with at all times. Make managing your team easier today with Team Directory!

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Team Directory

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